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Welcome to Choose Your Adventure Travel.  My name is Tracy Waugh and my passion is travel.  I love all varieties of travel but my favorite vacation is an all inclusive resort on the beach.  My personal heaven is soaking up the sun on a powdery white sand beach, turquoise waters lapping at my feet, and a sweet, slushy drink replenishing itself in my hand.  In the distance I hear “No problem, Mon!”  or maybe “Ci, Senorita!”   Bliss.
So what is your heaven?  Cruising through the glaciers of Alaska, touring the French Riviera, maybe hitting the slopes in Aspen?  Everyone has their own dream, their own adventure.  When you are looking to make that dream a reality, to live your adventure, give me a call.  I specialize in Caribbean travel but can and do book all kinds of travel.  Whatever your adventure, I would be honored to help you plan and book your own slice of heaven here on Earth.

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